10 Ways to Save Money in One Day

According to the most recent Gallup Poll, in one day, the average American spends $91. Think about that for a second. Imagine what you could do with 91 extra dollars in your pocket every week – or even every month. Consider the investing possibilities, the saving possibilities, and the spending possibilities that $91 a month ($1,092 a year) could provide you. Chances are that you’re the kind of person that would like 91 extra dollars every month (who wouldn’t?). So, pick one day every month to not be like “the average American”.

On the first Saturday of every month, for example, start having “no spending days”. On these days, you, your friends, and your family – anyone who agrees to participate – will find fun things to do without spending any money. Hold up – fun without spending money? Is that even possible? Below we’ve listed 10 fun activities that you can try when you decide you want to make yourself richer by picking one day.

1. Learn to Cook

Go through your fridge and your cabinets – use only the ingredients you already have to cook a meal with your friends or family. You might have to get a little creative, but you’ll have a great time and you might even improve your culinary skills in the process.

2. Become an Expert Photographer

Is the first Saturday of this month a beautiful, sunny day? Go outside, anywhere you want, and start snapping some pictures with your camera or your phone! You might find that photography is something you’ve always wanted to try, or at least enjoy the day outdoors.

3. Pick-Up Sports

Go out and play a pick-up game of basketball, baseball, or soccer with some friends at a local park. If actually playing sports doesn’t seem fun, start a free fantasy league with your friends instead!

4. Shrink Your “I’ll Do it When I Have Time” List

Everyone has one. This is the list of things you always say you’ll do later, but you never actually get around to doing. Do you really need to clean out the garage? Have you always wanted to read a certain book? Get on it, money savers! You’ll feel great when you do.

5. Movies, Movies, Movies

Take your “no spending day” easy and have a movie marathon at home. If you want to go out, find a film festival nearby and turn that into your monthly “no spending day”. Either way, you’ll be glad you did.

6. Take a Hike

Chances are that there’s a park or trail somewhere nearby. Make your own adventure by going out and exploring for a day with some friends. If you live in a city, explore a part of the city that you’ve never been to before. You can even try geocaching – a worldwide treasure hunt – if you get excited about it!

7. Start a Blog

If you’re a writer (or if you want to become one), this might be a great “no spending day” for you. Spend your day creating your blog’s homepage and coming up with ideas for new entries. You could even end up with a popular blog on top of all of the money you’re saving.

8. Stream New Music

Spend some time finding new music and adding it to your music library on Spotify Free or Pandora. Make a new playlist and take it with you on a run, to the pool, or out to sunbathe.

9. Free Concerts

Use websites like www.ilovefreeconcerts.com or myfreeconcert.com to find free shows by your favorite artists. Everyone likes a good concert, but why not a good, free concert?

10. Host and Plan a BYO Party

Get your friends together and have a BYO party. If everybody brings something, you can all have a great time without anyone emptying their wallets.

By making one day every month a “no spending day”, you could end up having a lot of fun while you save. As cheesy as it might be, you can definitely find fun ways to spend your time without spending your money.