Why begin investing now?


Investments need time to grow, like people and plants.  In 50 years a tiny seed can become a big tree, and tiny beans can become big BeanStox.

Investing only $1,000 at 8% annually for 50 years grows to over $45,000.

Investing another $1,000 at 8% every year for 50 years becomes over $600,000.

Amazing, considering that $1,000 each year is less than $3 each day.

Another powerful investment plan to consider is this: Each year, people can increase their investment as their income grows, and achieve even greater wealth and financial freedom. Investing $10,000 at 8% for 50 years becomes over $6 million!

After 50 years, investing about $3 per day can grow to over $600,000 and $30 per day can grow to over $6 million! That shows why it helps to begin investing now.